WORKFORCE & EDUCATION: An unmatched work ethic along with outstanding education and training

Indiana’s Technology Corridor has its heritage in the hardworking people who came west and worked the soil to survive. But they didn’t settle for subsistence — they focused on creating opportunities and educational resources for a stronger, more secure future.

With each generation, that focus sharpened. Although fewer of the area’s residents farm these days, they were raised in that spirit. They’ve long understood the value of sharpening their skills and seeing a job well done as its own reward. For example, Purdue University has a longstanding global reputation for both innovative ideas and success at developing practical applications for those concepts.

Our state’s focus on providing job-specific training has made Ivy Tech Community College one of the nation’s most effective community college systems. Employers turn to Ivy Tech for well-trained workers with the skills needed in today’s advanced environments, and the proximity of multiple local campuses makes it convenient for current employees to strengthen their skill sets. They’ll even provide training at the job site. Through the Advancing Manufacturing program, full scholarships are available for the Certified Production Technician Program.

At the K-12 level, a movement is underway to expand and enhance vocational programs in Indiana schools.

Consider Indiana’s Right-to-Work status, along with our low taxes and cost of doing business and you’ll agree that Indiana provides an ideal business environment.


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