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Welcome to Warren County

Located between the Wabash River and Indiana’s border with Illinois, Warren County offers a beautiful, rustic setting with abundant natural recreation that includes canoe streams with Class IV and V rapids.


While living in Warren County may make you feel that you’ve escaped from the hustle and bustle, local companies appreciate strong transportation resources that make it easy to get the materials they need, and to bring their products to market. U.S. Highway 41 and Indiana 63 provide easy north-south access through the county, with Chicago within 100 miles and connections to Interstate 74 near the county’s southern edge. If rail shipping is important to you, you’ll be glad to know what we’re served by both the Class 1 Norfolk Southern and short lines. And the air cargo facilities at Indianapolis International Airport are just 90 minutes away.


Warren County has a strong agricultural base, with a strong balance of grain and animal production. That agricultural heritage, the access to commodities, and our centralized location makes Warren County an ideal location for grain processing and production, as well as for producers of animal feeds.


Advanced manufacturing represents a significant growth sector for Warren County. We already have a number of companies that are engaged in machining and fabricating components for world-class brands, including export work. And a recent study conducted by Thomas P. Miller and Associates concludes that the local workforce is well-suited for the needs of advanced manufacturers.


Look at a map of Indiana’s prevailing winds, and you’ll see that the state’s strongest potential for wind energy includes the northwest corner of Warren County. In addition, our strong agricultural community is eager to explore opportunities for alternative energy generation using renewable fuels such as biogas and biomass.


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