A proud history of value-added agriculture

Indiana’s Technology Corridor is deeply rooted in a tradition of excellence in agriculture, encompassing hundreds of thousands of acres of some of America’s most productive cropland.  But while our roots do run deep, our agricultural community isn’t mired in old-fashioned thinking.

Thanks to the ongoing research efforts of Purdue University and its College of Agriculture, Indiana’s Technology Corridor has become a global leader in food science, research and production. In addition to continuing our role as a highly efficient crop and livestock producer, our region has grown into a major center for food processing and nutrition, as well as into rapidly growing sectors such as aquaculture.

Through that commitment to innovation, we’ve helped companies in all corners of the agricultural world succeed — whether that’s making it possible for a grain farmer to improve yields, enhancing the throughput for a meat processor, or maximizing the efficiency for frozen food facilities. If your company is connected to the business of agriculture, you’ll find a fertile home in Indiana’s Technology Corridor.


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