A business climate that fosters success

When industrialist John Purdue donated the acreage for the land grant university that would bear his name, he wanted a focus on practical knowledge. No surprise, given that the people who settled the nine counties of Indiana’s Technology Corridor transformed wild prairie into some of America’s most productive cropland and industrial facilities. They eagerly applied new ideas to an unwavering work ethic and took quiet pride in their success.

That spirit grew into a business climate that encourages and recognizes the value of working harder — and working smarter. The proximity of Purdue University’s College of Science, College of Technology, and College of Engineering, and Indiana University’s School of Medical makes the area a convenient testing ground for innovative technologies, and Ivy Tech Community College ensured a steady supply of well-educated and well-trained workers by delivering practical, business-focused courses.

You’ll see that same understanding in local governments that recognize the value of a healthy, growing business community, and focus on paving the way for companies that want to succeed. And you’ll feel it in local residents who are proud to be part of bringing that success to life.

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